The interesting thing about working with other entrepreneurs is you get to observe and learn from other people’s businesses. Whether this is about operational procedures, technology and software or hiring practises, each business has its own take on the best solution. Here are 4 common traits I have observed in successful business […]

4 traits in successful business owners that I want for ...

Do you often find yourself getting distracted while you are working? Are there items on your To-Do List that seem to stay there for a long time? Do you consistently miss deadlines and end up losing opportunities or paying to solve problems? Over the years, I’ve found that productivity can […]

5 Tips to Maximise the Value of Using TODOist

Is your office really messy? Are you able to find everything you need in a short time? Do you know exactly where everything is? Do you have a good filing system?   Physical space is something that is often overlooked in our lives. Having an organised office can do wonders […]

Does your office space work for you?

Most small business owners understand the importance of content marketing, but few are doing enough. Some of the common excuses I have heard are – I’m too busy to blog. I don’t know what to write about. No one wants to read what I write. These are terrible excuses and […]

Obama outsources his writing. You should too!

I’m often surprised by how many small business owners and entrepreneurs feel that they are unable to raise their prices. Even when the prices of their rent and supplies go up, they are afraid to raise their prices because they think their clients will not be willing to pay. So […]

Have you raised your prices recently?

I always sit down on Sunday evenings and open Google calendar to look at how I spent my time last week and my schedule for the coming week. It gives me a good overview of how I can better improve my time management and also what to expect in terms of […]

How a weekly review can save you time

Sometime last year, I embarked on mission Inbox Zero. I have about 15 email accounts for different purposes. Personal account, subscription account, work accounts, community accounts etc. On average I get about 50 to 80 emails a day. There are days when the emails I receive are overwhelming. If I do not […]

Inbox Zero and how it helps my productivity

Do you ever feel trapped in your business? Perhaps it was all nice and rosy when you started. You loved going to work everyday because it meant exploring new territory and discovering new things. Everything was fantastic and even though it was hard work, it was worth it because you watched […]

Are you trapped in a loveless business?

Have you ever met someone who delivered such a perfect pitch that you felt inclined to buy the product, sign up for a service or help promote their cause almost immediately? Such perfect pitches don’t come by easily. For someone to have achieved such an inspired pitch, it must have […]

The Makings of a Perfect Pitch

The other day, an entrepreneur shared with me that he recently discovered he was running the leanest company in his industry. Other companies in the same industry had 3 or 4 times his number of staff, much higher overheads and much lower profits. They also happened to have raised funding. On the […]

A Lean business is a more Profitable business

I meet with a fair amount of entrepreneurs and small business owners every week and one of the common topics that comes up often is how busy they are. Generally when I dig a bit deeper, it turns out that they are busy with things I call Time Sinks. What […]

Why saving money is actually wasting time

I use Gmail as my email client primarily because its a cloud service so I can access anything anywhere across a range of different devices. Over the years I’ve set up more than 10 email accounts on it and I only check this one Inbox daily instead of logging into […]

5 Tips to get more out of Gmail