Working with dual monitors

Most people are used to working from one computer screen and are not aware of the benefits of having two screens. I’ve been working with a second screen for a very long time. The advantage I‟ve found is really being able to get a better overview of what I‟m working on.

The key to setting this up depends on how much space you have on your desk. If you already have a very crowded desk, I suggest adding a small table stand to your existing table. Some people use large heavy books, others buy monitor clamps. Whichever works for you. Now all you need to do is to add your laptop to it.

What are some of the key benefits of having two screens?

  1. When working through emails, you can quickly pull up relevant documents, information, etc on the other screen for reference.
  1. It’s much faster to work between several documents when you can keep them open side-by-side on your screens. This means you don’t have to minimise the documents when you are switching between them.
  2. It helps to have your to-do list or Trello open on one screen, and whatever you are working on the other.
  3. It‟s easier to refer to different articles, reports, etc when you are working on a presentation or document.
  4. It just works.


For MS Windows:

If you are bound by space constraints or you really dislike having two screens, you can also make use of the split screen system to have two windows open at the same time.

Just drag the window you want open towards one side. It will automatically adjust to take up half the screen.




For the latest Mac (OS X El Capitan version 10.11 or higher):

Click and hold down the little green “expand window” button on the top left-hand corner of the first document or window you want to work with and drag it across your screen. The side your window will take up will be highlighted. Release the green button to drop your window into the highlighted area.

Other document and application windows you have open will now show up on the other half of your screen. Just click on the next window you want to work on and it will automatically snap into place.

If you’re still lost, check out this video tutorial from Youtube:


For older versions of Mac OS:

You can adjust the window sizes manually by clicking and dragging on the edges of the windows or download a third-party app like BetterTouchTool.