Decluttering: the art of freeing up your spirit

I used to be a believer in organised chaos, even though there were often times I was unable to find what I wanted when I urgently needed it. A good office is one where you can find everything you need, anytime you need it. I realised that I had a problem.

Fortunately, San from Edits Inc was there to help. San showed me several tips to get organised and in no time at all, my office was neat and tidy again. The experience was liberating. The mess was gone and I found myself being more productive.

To start making your own change, take a good look around your desk. Everything that exists on or around your desk should be there for a reason. Allocate a spot to each essential item. Label them, if that helps. If there are loose bits of paper, put them in a box or tray for processing. Don’t just leave them on the table. They will get lost.

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