The Importance of Taking Breaks

New research is emerging all the time about enhancing productivity, and it isn’t all systems and processes.

a sticky note is on the keyboard of a computer as a reminder: break

In one of the most read leadership articles of 2014 on, a study conducted by the Draugiem Group found the highest performing individuals took a 17- minute break for every 52 minutes of work.  The most productive individuals, the study went on to discover, spent their breaks away from the computer. Many went on short walks or socialised with their co-workers.

One Hiroshima University study advocates supplementing your daily information intake with cute baby animal pictures to de-stress and refresh your mind.

Productivity diminishes over time. The longer we work, the more tired our minds an bodies get, and the less productive we become. The best way to prevent this is to give yourself the chance to reboot every so often.

So walk away from your computer for 10 minutes every hour to look out the window and do some light stretches. Make yourself some tea and enjoy the view. Remember, our minds are supported by our bodies and we must take care of both to be at our best. The brief activity will help stimulate bloodflow throughout your body and back into your brain, readying it to focus on more work.