My name is Olivia Chiong and I am the founder of Unbusy Entrepreneur. Let me share with you how I went from working 60 to 70 hours a week to working for myself and at the hours I choose.

I left my first job because I was tired of working insane hours for my ex-boss. It was a corporate events company that had me working 60 hours to 70 hours a week while not making much money. In comparison, I saw how little work my boss did and how much money he made. So I started my own events company. The only problem was I tried to do everything myself to save money. What ended up happening was I found myself working 16 or 18 hour days and completely defeating the purpose of me starting my own business.

After reading the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss, I decided I needed to start learning how to outsource so I could work less and enjoy life more. The platform I used for this was Elance.  This gave me the opportunity to refine and develop methods to break down the tasks and figure out how to hire the right people for the job. I hired a personal assistant who came in and helped me to reply to emails, do research and manage social media. I hired a designer to design our posters, backdrops and websites. This freed up my time to work on pitching for my business. When I put the company on hold after having my daughter, I also turned to Elance to pick up project work for other small business owners. That was how I met Callum Laing and ended up working with him at Key Person of Influence.

In the process, I have met and worked alongside many small business owners and entrepreneurs. I realised that most of them have the problem of being overwhelmed by their business, often stuck working in their business and not really knowing how to get out and get help. Whenever you asked them “How are things?” they would always say “Oh, very busy.” It was also common to hear that they were working too many hours and missing out on sleep and family time.

I started getting involved with a couple of people to help them out on organising their life and setting up processes for them to manage email, book keeping, scheduling, managing social media and research. At the same time, I implemented the use of technology and introduced different software and apps so that they could further improve on their productively. After I had set up a framework, all they needed to do was to hire someone more junior to continue the process and free my time up for the more complex and advanced jobs.

I have found that I enjoy this process with small business owners as I believe every one should be working in a productive environment. With the incredible advance of technology including wide spread use of the internet, we can now automate and collaborate in new and exciting ways that would never have been possible before.

I have collated my knowledge and experience over the years into my upcoming book “UnBusy Entrepreneur“. Some of the tips and tricks that are found in the book are also on the blog.

If you wish to learn about how you can unlock more time and use it to make more money, please start by downloading my beginner’s guide to outsourcing. It is completely free.

I hope to help more people around the world to fully live the dream of being a successful business owner who can be productive, have a successful business and still have time to enjoy the finer things in life.