The 4REs of Outsourcing

Everything I outsource falls into one of the following four categories. I call them my 4 REs of outsourcing.


 1. REactive
These are tasks that are triggered by someone else. It includes emails, scheduling, and replying on social media.

 2. REpetitive
These are tasks that you have to do regularly. It includes bookkeeping, responding to new queries, and writing new blog posts.

 3. REsearch
Information gathering is one of the biggest time sinks, considering how wide the Internet is. This is why research should be outsourced. This includes fact-checking, sourcing for quotations, and travel planning.

 4. REluctant
Everything that you hate to do. If anything has been on your to-do list for a month or more, you definitely need to outsource it. This often includes designing brochures or presentations, writing, and looking for content to share on social media. This is often the most important RE because it is the one that can free you from the pressure of facing tasks on your to-do list that never get done.

By identifying which of the four categories your tasks fall into, you will have comprehensive list of tasks that you can outsource immediately. With most of these tasks, you should be able to start as soon as the next day. Simply pick one task and start hiring. Remember that every task you outsource gains you more precious time to spend on yourself and on building your business.