As an entrepreneur, you know how important your time is. It is essential that you are investing your time in meaningful activities that can not only help you use your skills, but also scale your small business.   Being a busy person doesn’t necessarily mean you are being productive. To […]

Why Your Small Business Needs To Start Outsourcing Today

Do you feel like your business has flat-lined? It’s okay. Almost every new business eventually reaches a point of stalled growth. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong. But it is a sure sign that it’s time to adopt a few new strategies. Here are some possible reasons why […]

Why Your Business Isn’t Seeing The Growth You Want

Are you busy? Do you frequently find yourself overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to be completing? Do you wish you had more hours in a day? Are you spending all of your time on your business?   If this sounds like you, I’ve got bad news for you. […]

How To Stop Glorifying Busy, And Start Being Productive

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you have thought about expanding and scaling your small business. Most entrepreneurs start small and dream of making it big. However, some entrepreneurs become so obsessed with the idea of scaling their small business that they tend to skip a few steps in the process. This leads to […]

Why You’re Having A Hard Time Scaling Your Small Business

If you’ve ever worked at a company concerned with data security (which is pretty much most companies), then you’ve likely heard a few tips about creating and maintaining secure passwords. For instance, don’t use a recognizable word or date as your password; don’t use the same password for multiple apps; and don’t […]

How You Can Save Time and Frustration: Advantages of Using ...

Many people with jobs that require creativity or focus, especially on computer tasks, find that they can easily get distracted while they work. However, listening to music can help to occupy the part of your brain with a tendency to wander in search of entertainment. Take a look at these […]

How Music Can Help Your Productivity

A friend and his wife started a bakery business.  Baking was their passion.  They’ve never started a business before.  Nor worked in a retail bakery.  But their family and friends loved their cupcakes.  Before they knew it, they were getting so many orders.  They had no other choice but to open […]

Does your business complement your lifestyle?

In the past, working in the Cloud was only feasible for big corporations because you needed to invest in lots of infrastructure and have huge servers to support the chunks of data that needed to be stored. However, with the advances in technology, and the additional of numerous software as a […]

3 Advantages for Small Businesses when Working in the Cloud

Many people start a business on their own. Being a solopreneur can be very rewarding in the beginning. You learn how to do everything and truly understand each aspect of your business… until you don’t. While small business owners may enjoy working alone, the work inevitably piles up and eventually you will have […]

From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur

40 weeks ago, on 6 March 2015, I wrote a book pitch. I define that day as the day of conception for my book ‘The UnBusy Entrepreneur‘. It was the beginning of the incubation period for this ‘virtual baby’ that ultimately leads to its birth this Friday. After the book pitch submission, I […]

How to write, publish and launch your book in 40 ...

Are you stuck indoors? Do you constantly check the PSI and see if it’s safe for you to venture out? Are you bored while waiting? I know how you feel. The National Environment Agency has said that while the air quality in Singapore continues to improve, it could be November […]

4 Productive Things to do for your Business during Haze ...

  “Lost time is never found.” -Benjamin Franklin. Being a business owner is not easy. You wake up every morning with a packed schedule before you. There are business meetings to attend, documents to read, issues to be fixed and goals to pursue. Often times, you go from meeting to […]

5 Tips for Effective Schedule Management